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R.I.P. Gregory Sylvester Coleman (Drummer from The Winstons)


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For those that don't know, the Winstons are the band that made the tune "Amen Brother" which features the infamous "amen break" which has defined hip-hop and drum and bass as we know them. G.S Coleman is the man who made that 10s of magic happen, and now he'd dead. R.I.P brother. Check out the winstons tribute page on myspace - you can hear the track in its entirety there. Or just the break here


reposted from DOA


1944 - 2006


G.C Coleman was born in September 1944, one of five brothers and sisters. He was a member of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church and graduated from Armstrong High School in Richmond in 1962. While in high school, he was a dynamic drum major for the school band. While in high school he formed his own band, called GC Coleman and the Soul Twisters. He later drummed for the Marvelettes of Motown, Otis Redding as well as Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. He loved to dance and was known for his laughter and sharp dressing.


Gregory later moved to Washington DC where he joined The Winstons. They had a big hit with the MOR soul single ‘Color Him Father’ in 1969 (which won them a Grammy for best R&B song). The b-side of the single was a cover of the gospel song ‘Amen’ (renamed ‘Amen Brother’). The album which followed sold 2 million copies.


Gregory then moved to Atlanta where he played with the Georgia Power Band and recorded with Brick.


He was twice married and leaves a daughter and stepdaughter.


btw, that's him in the background to the left:



what a star!!!...

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