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Rugby World Cup Stadium


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A message I sent to TVNZ: your thoughts?


I think that the waterfront is a fine place for the new stadium provided the design represents Auckland a bit more than the designs so far. Perhaps the use of awnings or something to represent the ‘City of Sails’ would be better than the designs which so far include one that looks like a nuclear power plant.


Building the stadium in the city means that people can access it via train, car, ferry or foot. The majority of tourists will be staying in central city hotels so they can easily walk to the stadium (cutting down traffic).


We don’t need to worry so much about how much it will cost. We worry far too much in this country – if we are going to host a big event we need to do a good job instead of always going for the cheapest option! We have given up on great opportunities in the past, do I need to mention - the V8 race…it’s pathetic and we had better not do it again!...The amount of money that will come in to Auckland city over the World Cup period will cover some of that cost. Every event held after the World Cup will continue to bring more money into the city. People will flood straight into town after a big game and restaurants, bars and hotels will benefit hugely. Auckland will also become a lot more lively too.


The road access to a stadium on the waterfront is far better than that of Eden Park which sits in amongst skimpy residential roads. There are large roads leading from the Stanley St, Nelson St and Harbour Bridge motorway off-ramps. The fact that it won’t be sitting in amongst residents means that we can hold large concerts without residents complaining. In conjunction with the Vector Stadium – there is great potential to host some fantastic events. Artists like Coldplay for example, would be more inclined to do a tour if we can offer them somewhere decent to play.


We pretty much have a blank cheque on this one, so let’s treat ourselves. This stadium will put the life back into the heart of Auckland City.

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Agreed. Revamping Eden Park is a waste of time. The stadium needs to be somewhere away from residential housing. There are people who live in the city who will be affected by it but then I think people living in the city are less likely to be concerned. If they wanted a quiet sedate neighborhood they would have moved to the suburbs. That said, the odds of me attending a sporting event are slim to none as I have pretty much no interest in it, and the odds of me going to a Coldplay gig are probably slightly lower than that even. I still reckon downtown is the best option.

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i agree, its going to be a massive boost to our economy if done correctly.


How is removing a large section of the port going to be good for the economy? Bear in mind that it's also $500 mil more expensive than the Eden Park upgrade. And don't say 'trickle-down' effect.. Dominion Rd, Sandringham and Kingsland are still shabby as and have been next to Eden Park since forever. "Oooh but we had a busy night on Friday after the rugby game", say the people at Dominion Rd Burger Fuel


Agree on your calls re: design, Plunder, and also the fact that this fucken town just needs to balls up and do something sometimes! i think it's a cool idea, just not a great financial or logistical one.


Plus, I'm a huge Eden Park fan. But I am warming to this idea.

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The stadium already built is an indoor arena that only seats 10,000, can be used for concerts and basketball games and stuff


That's a great example of how fucken useless this town is at building things though, it took forever to build and was a mare from start to finish.. don't even think it's opened properly yet either?

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I myself am a BIG fan of Eden park, and the history thats there.


If they build a new stadium my money is on the Auckland RFU and Blues Super 14 (or insert number of teams competing next year) side will relocate.


Im sure some residents will probably be happy about it, some will hate it... and hopefully Eden Park wont turn into what the old home of League is now (a fucking dump).


Besides that you still have Mt Smart and North Shore for games and Eden Park can still hold its own for smaller games during the cup. Do we really need a 4th stadium is the real question.

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