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Posting from new laptop appreciation thread


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skeet skeet! got some duo-core up on this shit..


it felt like christmas this morning when the asian courier man knocked on the door and yelled out "COMPUTER FOR YOU!!??"


can finally record my mixes now so expect CDs, podcasts, the old blog or two, DJ Grind ashtrays and coffee mugs (ya never know) coming to a port 80 near you soon ...



next up, scratch live :idea:

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Not quite the beast you've got there mate (3.0 GHz laptop? hardout cuz!)


I was on a budget of $1800, did some research and Dell was clearly the way to go. Inspiron 6400 with Intel Centrino Duo-Core 7200 (2.16 GHz) 1024 MB RAM, 80GB HD, widescreen, wireless, optical mouse, etc etc etc


More than enough to record mixes and run SSL, although I've been informed that this will be good enough to have a tinker with some production software too which should be fun


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