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Celebrating Guy Fawkes by blowing shit up good and proper


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Sup everyone,


Anyone got any good footage, pictures or stories from guy fawkes?


We went out on Saturday and Sunday letting off fireworks both Chinese made and Home made,


Saturday's attempt went successfully on most accounts (nobody lost any limbs, no animals died in the process) unfortunately the device would we produced went out with a fizz more than a bang.


Sunday's fireworks display was quite eventful, we went down to Victoria Park with a revised explosive device and the rest of our legitimate fireworks.


Our chosen location was underneath the motorway overpass which must have scared the shit out of the people on the motor way.


However this fails in comparison to the people next to us who were letting off fireworks and bombs directly underneath the motorway, I wish I had a video camera because it looked awesome.


They also let off a few bombs which was wicked, one deserves special mention because they did it in plain view to everyone (atleast 100 people were around the park) top effort.


We chose a more decrete place to detonate our device, it was a medium sized bang compared to the others we had seen, still totally worth it.


The best moments were definately when peoples fireworks fall over and start shooting them, one group of people who were walking through the park got shot at by a massive fireworks display which tipped over, it was hilarious. Our own fireworks fell over on a few occasions however the award for the least safety concious people had to go to our naughbours who had to run on many different occasions. Classic.


<3 Guy Fawkes

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hehehe I love the way that aside from the bomb about the only audio on that clip is someone saying "oh my god" just before it goes off


No limbs/eyes/hair lost in Balmoral despite the fact that we let a guy wearing a camelbak full of cask wine light some fireworks... well it didn't say not to on the box...


Re footage; are non guy fawkes related explosions submissible? If so, the now infamous cask wine bandit has some impressive footage of campfire/gas canister interaction...

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