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UK distributer shuts down!


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I cannot vouch for the validity of this as I read it on another board. Here is the claim:


Intergroove distribution has closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy today. Adrift, Fat, Chi, Finger Lickin', Burrito, Boombox, 10Kilo, Alternative Route, Frontroom, Lot49, Mob, Marine Parade, Functional, Get Physical, Menu, Kilowatt, Spinout, Slave, Supercharged, Streetwise, Systematic, TCR, Tagsta & Whoop amongst many, many others are some of the labels that now have noone to distribute them. Many of these labels and tons of smaller ones are owed money from the distributers they will never see now and a lot of the small labels they handled will not be able to find distribution again anytime soon. There is a massive thread about this on another board and a lot of big name producers are really freaked out about it and are in a really tight spot now, this was the largest distributer of UK breaks. Due to some of the labels being owed money from the distributor a lot of our favorite labels may soon have to close their doors as well.

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