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Quit Smoking


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Well, ive gone and done it again.. day two with no smokes..


Im determined to actually quit this time.. Smoking for like 7 years or something is just not good eh.. any advice to make this mission a little easier?



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if you want a ready pakage?


oh i got a ready pakage..


but i wouldnt mind reading it if you can spare it..


hmm.. i dunno, i think i might actually be in the right state of mind to just do this shit eh. Im pretty over feeling like shit all day every day coz my lungs are coated with about 3 cups of tar..


I had a patch on for most of yesterday. Havent got one on today, and i feel ok.




dont think ill come to safari tonight, just to try and put it out of my sight for a little bit.

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man.. im going banannas.. this sux.


i just thank god that im not addicted to something even harder to give up.


I know i have the mental strength to do this, so its not gonna break me, but its still really hard.



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its all about gradually quitting


the effect that quitting does to your body straight away is pretty shit


start by quitting during the week and/or limiting your smokes to a limit per day


then smoke less during the weekends (like during the day)


then it will be easier to quit overall


decrescendo your smoking if you get my drift

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As you can tell I'm an expert at giving up smoking *coughs up a lung* but when I did give up for a bit I found lots of exercise helpful.


In the beginning it reminds you that smoking seriously diminishes your lung capacity (as you almost die on a cross-trainer or some such device) which is a good incentive not to smoke and once you are fitter you don't really wanna ruin all your hard work by smoking again.


My $0.02

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i cant deal with the gradual thing.. i cant control how much i smoke, im like all or nothing aye.


Im currently getting fit, this is my 2nd week running and working out, and i am feeling much better for it. Exercising this evening when i got home from work definately relieved a lot of my built up tension/anxeiety..


and kyuss.. lolipops just arent cool man, do i need to remind you of this:


click me


but i hear ya.. ill find something to do.

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