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Bit of a weird question but i'll ask it anyway...


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There's not a huge amount of traditional 'reggae' as such, but there's some wicked bands out there that draw on reggae / roots and dub influences..


I'm sure you've heard of Fat Freddies Drop, and perhaps Salmonella Dub; they're the flagship 'reggae' artists of NZ.. but there's tonnes more. D-Dub, Zuvuya (perhaps defunkt now) and Trinity Roots (R.I.P).. of course The Herbs were from NZ too


The scene these days is mainly based on Wellington, so much that it is considered to be a 'Wellington sound'.. if you're in the country you'd have to go check it out down these ways man.. It's a really tight-nit scene down there but everyones mega-friendly and keen to jam / blaze it up with new peeps..


Reggae has actually been one of the more popular forms of music in NZ over the years, and there's a couple of reasons for this- firstly a large proportion of the Maori population certainly identified with the ideals of Rastafarianism and the stories of oppression that Bob Marley preached.. also the climate here and abundance of cannabis fully suits reggaeton vibes


Some wicked dub / reggae / downbeat DJs around too, check out Stinky Jim, Dubhead and The Professor (they all DJ on 95bFM- www.95bfm.co.nz) and if you're into dancehall stylez Gwaan Gal runs a dope party up at Rising Sun called 'Buss It Up'..


But yeah.. there's a good scene here




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here's a bunch of nz dub/reggae peeps on myspace












sure there are a few more informed peeps than me round the place though! maybe hit up getafix...

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