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Do you give to charity  

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  1. 1. Do you give to charity

    • Yes as much as I can
    • I give monthly/weekly to sponsoring a charity
    • Some times mostly around Christmas
    • Sometimes if they hound me too much
    • Hell no way my money you can't touch it

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Do you give to Chairty?


I do as much as I can for chairty. I feel bad when somebody tells me about some small child dieing in Africa because they have no money, food, water, education, etc.


I have just signed my self up to help with youth line at Christmas in the Park, and was wondering does anybody else feel compelled to help or not?


In saying that if any one wants to come and help me and Youthline at Christmas in the park please go to


fun night out and helping with today's Youth,

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i give when i can.. i cant that often.. but i try and make even a small difference.


If i see people collecting, i usually spare them some change if i have some, and occasionally put my spare change into those charity boxes on the shop counters etc..


i dont do any sort of regular giving though.


too broke myself lol...

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that's good to see there are lots of people out there willing to help.


I was having a conversation with someone from work who said they would never give up their hard earned cash. which fair enough you earn it but sometimes there are people out there who need things that can't get them.


Last night I did a clothes swap with some friends which si a great way to get new clothes, with out paying for them

but there were so many items left over which we have delivered to woman's refuge

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did a bit for youthline in my past years and looks like ill be doing it again this year with you christie. whenever i have change that i can spare i search for a bum on queen st to give it to.. the other day i had like $6 in change to give to someone but couldnt find a bum anywhere!... so i kept it. and today i had nothing and there were 3 bums i had to walk past. Me likes the old man with his dog (good tactic for getting people to give you money)

but dont think i could afford the monthly bill thing. and shit like knowing that the person who started up world vision (i think it is) is a billionare... is a bit off putting

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I give to save the children, I'm contemplating changing to one of the christian foundations which allows you to sponsor an individual child so I can write to them about my personal views on christianity..


Might be a good idea to stick with this one which doesn't give me any direct communication with those poor kids...


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Might be a good idea to stick with this one which doesn't give me any direct communication with those poor kids...


I'm thinking yes; They probably censor the letters and your poor kid might get secretly cut off as punishment for your herecy...


I give money to Greenpeace, SPCA, and IHC every month.


My friend who works for IHC told me that by far the majority of their donations come from students and pensioners.

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I give money to charity because they say if you give money... it comes back to you in one way or another!


As for giving bums money... I say never give those lazy fools nudda... Tax taking dirty having ass need a shower motherf**kers~!!!




Real Life Story




I was a naïve 15 year old in the Melbourne Central Train Station heading back to Albert Park Lake when I saw a great many people ignoring this poor sad looking bum begging for a few dollars! In a good mood with a feel to change the world I forked over my few spare dollars and this I will NEVER EVER forget…




THE BUM SAID: thank you... finally someone who cares




I was over the moon UNTIL…




He beat me up and stole my shoes…




Just kidding… He actually turned around to bum I didn’t notice standing behind him and bought a rock of crack…








Moral of the story… Bums are on the doll and don’t pay rent… Go Figure!!!

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Well I’ll just play devils advocate then.


When I was a teenager I was a left wing extremist. My whole buzz was that it was pointless to give money to charity – which is a business itself – and perpetuate the system of poverty rather than make an effort to change the system that created that poverty. 8 years later I’m still a fully paid member of the socialist party, if that counts. Haha.


Theoretically it maybe bankrupt but those crazy old bastards do a hellova lot to stick up for the rights of the poor and lower class workers.


But like a lot of you if someone knocks on my door I'll give them my silver.


But I hate bums asking me for money. I do. Social welfare in this country is a sweet ride, I’d recommend it to anyone. I feel more sorry for people on minimum wage, working some fucking shitty job for fuck all.


But I’m not a complete asshole when it comes to charity. I get into the mouth and foot painters. They’re pretty aggressive with their campaigning, but at the same time I respect the whole triumph over adversity buzz, funnily enough over half of them have been partially paralysed from sporting accidents – mainly diving - rather than say, car accidents etc.


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Charity...try giving up $20,000 and four years of your life to become prepared to do a valuable social service (teaching). Some people, meantime, are getting paid to do sweet F.A.


I just pay to sit around and get drunk, theres the moral point of difference.

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I sponsor a child - good ole Darius Solombo or some such thing. If i was being honest im not even sure if the money i glibly fork over every month even makes it to the kid - or to his benefit anyway. Makes me feel better tho.


I too have an aversion to giving money to homeless people - most of them are too lazy to get off their asses, get cleaned up and sort their shit out and just prefer to take the easy ride .. in short SCUM. There are some legitimate cases of people who have some severe mental disorders who seem to fall through the ever widening cracks in our societies mental health system are the ones i truely feel sorry for. However a dollar or two here and there doesnt do anythign but reinforce their place there.


They need to be cared for by the state imo.

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