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Blatant use of this forum for market research.


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    • Hardcore Ducklings?
    • Refined Geese?
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Would you be keen for venues to continue stocking Red Bull? Are you getting enough sponsorship love from them? Is it only stock, or are they providing marketing support also?

For a gig with a 400 person turn-out and the usual media associated with it - what would you expect in return for minor brand association?





Do you really give a fuck about Red Bull? Really?? If something else tastes the same and the price of a Energy/Vod and Jager Bomb decreased, would you be stoked? Or would you prefer the same shit in a blue and white can at $1 more..

If energy mixers in bars were slightly cheaper, would you buy more of em? Or do you tend to use them for a purpose (i.e. 3 a night spread across the night).


Do you like hardcore ducklings? Or are you all about refined geese?

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Red Bull have cut back hardcore recently, sponsorships included


I haven't worked with them though and people who have probably won't talk business in public, but you should find out who they are and buy them dinner for the insider info I doubt you'd ever get more than a few cases of product for a gig of 400 though


I think RedBull do well because they're a strong brand (which gives cred to events) and a quality product. I can't make my mind up about ducklings or geese though.. both sound absolutely delicious

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I think RedBull do well because they're a strong brand (which gives cred to events) and a quality product.

Especially relevant as they also have the Red Bull Music academy as well as running the Red Bull studios here in Auckland. Definitely a respected brand in the eyes of the music community, as well as a tasty beverage.

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many people tell me they do get sick of the taste, but personally i find an ice cold red bull far superior to any other cold energy drink... no offence kryptex, even though I am a supporter of Demon, I definitely do not drink it going 'damn thats a tasty energy drink' - its merely for the artificial boost so i can be wired for an hour or two. Red Bull have found a flavour that is actually quite unique - nevermind those retards who say "V, red bull, relentless, etc, they all taste the same".


I usually grab a demon or a couple of red bulls before i DJ a set after about 2am, and I have mixed demon with vodka and if its on ice its suprisingly easy to drink - if this was a choice in clubs and it was cheaper than red bull and vodka, i'd buy it instead. having said this, when im in a club and about to DJ im not really buying it for the taste i just want some energy - id imagine itd be different for punters who just want to buy a drink while they sit and chat...


If It was in the middle of the day or im studying etc, i'd definitely buy red bull over demon. demon strikes me as a 'big night out prep drink if you're feeling like you could keel over and go to sleep, but your mates are bitching at you trying to get you to go out'

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Up in the club when im asking shorty 21 questions all about nothing id take a demon. cheaper and when its mixed i cant tell the difference.


But i do find when im studying, or trying to, redbull gives me supreme concentration but demon can give me adhd, or a headspin if ya have enuf


but this is no scientific fact, wud be keen to properly test.
















got any free demon cuz???

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im not really a fan of red bull to be honest.


the taste lingers on waaay too long imo.


like.. i burp a couple hours after drinking one and i can still taste it.


not good when youre starting to get hung over and the smallest reminder of what youve been drinking can set off a spew fest.


the red bull stunt plane on the other hand is fuckin awesome.. been there, done that.

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Demon for the win.....

the taste the brand the image the effect the price also its a nz company innit?

iF I had the choice when promoting I would be all over demon wanting product to sell or just some contra. Their brand is hot its on the up and its fresh where as other companies are antiquated and old and dusty


As Punter if I could choose I would choose demon everytime... and quite often I will rather than buying another energy drink at the bar I will go and get a demon from the dairy

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For the aim of being honest... I would go Red Bull.


I trust the brand, which is what I would say most sells it for me.


I haven't tried Deamon yet, being that it's marketed as a hardcore energy drink and that I'm already conscious of the fact that Red Bull is already pretty bad for me... I don't want to go from bad to worse.

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After those ads that were just on Tv i could never buy a demon or my missus would kill me Shes not a huge sexism fan.




Whats sexist about those ads?


A few girls making thousands of dollars for washing a car in their bikinis. Its definatly selling a product using sex but i dont think its sexist

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