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formal applogie


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i know i am banned form this site so i will make it short.

i whish to formally applogise to you all for the shit i stirred with the rhyme i wrote last year. i was out of place and for this i am truely sorry. i know this does not change any thing and it wont change the way you feel about me but i wish to formaly adress you all and say that i was wrong to do what i did and i am truly sorry.

i would like to make a personal applogie to nato and pakage for i know what i did offended you both deeply. also to kriticals brother as i know it would of hurt you the most so sorry man, i know it dont change any thing but i do wish to say sorry to you.

i know i have problems with drugs, alcohol and my mental health in which i am doing some thing about asap.

i thank you for taking the time to reed this and i wish you all the best in life.

many regard

kris boberg aka mc lyrakill

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i just went back through the section,,, judging from your reply i can get the gist of it. no, not the "jisd" cramer...

How you doin anyway bro? you got a phone?



Kris man, I hope you're doin ok down there. sounds like you've had a rough ride. move to the beach or something dude, seriously. the city will fuck you up in th end...

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