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missing bulletproof in Tokyo deppreciation thread


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i haven't worked on a Sunday for aaaaaages. and the one time it's scheduled in, Potsy comes and does a gig in town.


here i am at home while i KNOW that a club in the city is about to fire with nasty kiwi beats


hmmm well at least calibre and mala are playing next saturday. at the same gig! and on the sunday i will play my first Tokyo gig. At Womb no less! it's on the fourth floor, not the main floor, but still a decent start methinks..


sounds as tho AK is cranking as usual.


keep up the good work guys

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cheers pat and zeb


yep the gig went really well. i played at 5pm (cos it was a 4-10pm party) and by about halfway thru i had whipped up a bit of a dancefloor


my mate recorded it. so i'll have a listen to it, and if it's suitable, i'll get it hosted and chuck the link up on the forums for yas


ez \m/

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