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GTA IV Anticipation Thread


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They need to bring out the PC version at the same time as the console version so that I don't die by aneurism waiting for it to come out. The shitty thing is it will be spring before we see a pc version and I was totally down for locking myself in all winter and killing hookers.

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I won't even start on my level of fanboyism for this series!


Finally after being able to ditch the renderware engine and getting out of their exclusive contract with Sony they were able to build things from the ground up... Needs more PC version I agree...


Once the PC version is released I see the DNB scene taking a one month break

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Im considering getting a ps3 seeing as gran turismo 5 is just as dope..


If you have San Andreas or GT3 there is a patch so u can use it multiplayer with up to 200 people which makes things interesting.

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this is going to show the geek in me.. I've had it on pre order now for about 3 weeks - I've ordered the collectors pack, which comes with:

* Special Safety Deposit Box

* The Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book

* Selected soundtrack CD from Grand Theft Auto IV

* An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box keys

* Completing the collection is a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag


Mean.. I was going to pick up at midnight but I value sleep - I'm going to be receiving via courier (shipped today!) mean..


I'm fully man-moist over this game.


Xbox Live - ftw

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Just read the story.... Man that fucken infuriates me. If ur kid doesnt realise, "having sex with a prostitute, beating her bloody, taking her money and running her over with a car and shooting at police officers," is wrong then there is a problem with the parenting not the fucken game. They better not take to much shit out. Cant wait to buy some virtual cocaine

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