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three. its the magic number

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well, this wiil officially be my 300th post, thats averaging around five per week since i joined.although for the first two years i probably only got on here to look at pics, which, have become a little sparse as of late. i intend to be a lot more active across the boards this year...

biggups to everyone in the other world from this this forum, and thanks to everyone who's engaged me thus far.

its been a great three centuries, and i hope the next few to come are just as full of inane comments for me to rebut, m.c's who need schooling, funny ass spam to write "lol" about, and in depth discourses about the futility of internet dialogue as a forum to enlighten the more narrow minded among us...


"thanks drumandbass.co.nz, you saved my life"

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chur! hey you and the girl up to anything on sunday? a few peoples headed to Passage Rock Vineyard on waiheke for the arvo and doin lunch/bevereage consumption would be cool to see you guys


Stac has three days off this weekend woohooo!!!

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