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Device automatically slows speeding cars


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MELBOURNE - The Victorian and Queensland governments are evaluating a device that can automatically slow a speeding car using satellite technology.


The Australasian Intelligent Speed Adaptation initiative could be trialled in Victoria, the Herald Sun reported today.


Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon, several Victorian ministers, a former Victorian coroner and 45 other participants would be the first to try the speed reduction system, the report said.


All states and territory governments and the New Zealand government have been in talks to introduce of the system.


Other trials are planned this year in NSW and Western Australia, the report said.


The technology uses GPS and a database that identifies speed limits on all roads and operates on three levels.


Drivers get an audible warning they are over the limit at level one.


At level two, the device cuts power to the engine to prevent the driver from speeding, but the system can be adjusted or overridden.


At level three, the system cannot be switched off or adjusted and all speeding is cut.


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wtf.. big brother in action again.


what happens if you need to speed? like if you're out running a bush fire or someones trying to rob you or youre trying to get someone to a hospital etc..


this is pretty lame imo

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Australia is turning into a police state almost as quick as the USA.


The government are also trying to introduce an internet filtering system similar to that of Chinas, obviously without such strict content filtering ... for now.

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The wankers are going to ban radar detectors to. Obviously they're not writing out enough tickets lately. I invested in a radar detector after my last ticket about 2-3 years ago. Needless to say I haven't had a ticket since but I am more aware of my speed now. Radar detector is just a safety barrier for when I have a lapse in concentration.

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