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well i dunno if any of yous saw/heard about this but yesterday our very own Big Brother came out to play...

there was a massive crackdown on bands of so called terrorists in NEW ZEALAND! now, what the CIB and the police had found was a secret paramilitary training camp, along with caches of unlawful weapons, and army style shit...

so, ok, fair enough to get in there and shut that sort of thing down.

the scary thing for me was when the news presenter started reading the search warrant, live on air, and explaing the way they'd caught these "criminals"... they had monitered internet purchases of paramilitary related stuff, had the whole training camp under surveillance for months and had used project ECHELON to "filter communications".

the funny part of all this is that the alleged "terrorists", were not your typical jihadists, or fundamentalists, or even enemies of our country. No, they were all just good old fashioned kiwi activists, (ie; environmental, maori and political) who have so far been ignored, denied, and dejected on every legal form of protest, from petitions, to written oppositions to protest action, and outright activism. such as chaining themselves to train tracks to stop loads of coal...

the main issue these guys seem to be confronting is the going ahead, despite public outrage, of a solid energy(ie;coal) power plant in southern newzealand.

now, no matter what these guys had planned to do, you be damn sure it wasnt going to involve a car bomb on the streets, or nightclub explosions, or in fact any form of public desecration or targeting of kiwi civilians...

i'm pretty confident the targets, or expected forces to be resisted were to be advocates of this solid energy plant, a very wealthy conglomerate, and possible other government facilities.

hardly a "terrorist" act... i'd say more like a rebellion come to its final choice of action.

anyway, i'm ranting a bit, but my whole point is to make some noise, and hope that people will at least read between the lines on this issue, and not fall for tv3's draconian propaganda. new zealand is not YET a right wing 1984 / thought controlled society. not yet...


heres the link for those of you who are still reading this...



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However, compared to the openly fascist type of anti-terrorist laws enacted in both the US and Australia, New Zealand’s piece of post-September 11 legislative hysteria is not so bad (speaking comparatively). It criminalises terrorist acts using explosives and the financing of terrorist acts (National has complained that membership per se in designated terrorist organisations is not illegal; Helen Clark says that it criminalises “participationâ€

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okay, i didnt see the "WTF?! what is going on in NZ?" thread...

well done dr.remote.

fucking facism...next they'll be blacklisting our beats...

oh, wait, what year is it?

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