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((((((thinking to my self,,," I wonder wtf I have my self in for?")))))


There's a chance you will lose a little bit of your soul to it, but you won't regret it for a moment...


You might need some new furniture afterwards though.



now I am intriged In fact I am that lil boy on spouch eve looking the spouchents under the spouchmas tree waiting, wondering thinking....peaking


but in the mean time here is some investigative research I have done on the spouch


Detailed Description

Clear plastic pouch with zipper closure




Kelly's Details


Status: Married

Here for: Networking, Friends

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Cuba, NY

Body type: 5' 4" / Slim / Slender

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Children: Someday

Education: Post grad

Occupation: Counselor





Jefferson County, IL

SOURCE: Fred Justice collection

Gill, Phillip 1870 1910

Gill, Prince 1884 1905 son of P. & R.

Sanders, Mary Age 16, dau of Z George and Alice

Several unmarked graves




Koolpak Holster and Strapping



Ideal for combined compression and cold therapy.


For the majority of soft tissue injuries, it is important to apply cold therapy in conjunction with compression to ease swelling and speed up recovery times.

The Koolpak compression cuff is manufactured from soft foam with a comfortable fabric backing for maximum user comfort.

It can be used with any cold pack up to 31cm long and 13.5cm wide and has durable Velcro fasteners for added security.

An extension strap allows the holster to be used on the torso as well as limbs.

Normal length:64cm.

Length with extension strap:109cm




yes am I close to the definition of the "spouch" mr cludeo speaks ov?

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