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Which Emoticons Should we keep


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So we're gonna b clearing out a large amount of the emoticons that we have in the 'view more emoticons' section and trying to slim it down to ones you actually use..


What i want you to do is to look through the 'view more emoticons' section and post up the ones you want to not get deleted in this thread so i konw which ones you use and dont accidently get rid of your favourite emoticon.


ill keep the ones you want, and delete the ones no body posts (unless its one i like).


please look at the posts before yours and only add new ones if possible.



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fuck that took a while but ive deleted a fuck tonne of them.. theres still quite a few in there tho. some of them are waaaay too fuckin classic to delete, even if they dont get used much..


im gonna add a couple when we get the FTP workin propperly:








hope i didnt delete too many u use on a regular basis..



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