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way too hard to say.


honestly id say the tunes that i think are the best wouldnt be dnb for some reason - if you asked me to name my fav tunes id just start running off random artists ad-nauseum (or however you spell it). And usually its the situation and/or story as to why I like a song.


oh - you actually want me to name some?


uh - in dnb off the top of my head


Goldie - Timeless (all three parts)

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yeah, i understand its a hard question, but maybe tunes that changed dnb for you, or even got you into dnb.


like my example, concord got me into dnb a while back, with tunes like, "killsaw", "6.13" "T.N.T" etc,


and spor is what got me into the "heavy" dnb.. etc



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well if wasnt gonna pussy round the bush and say thats way to hard to answer id go with


local- pots/optiv camouflage

and doc scott-kemistry

with special mention made of the nine, messiah(noisia rmx), and shadow bo xing


forever changing though, those are just some tunes that have hung round my BIG TUNES list

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actually just having a listen to those tunes id have to say messiah, may not be the most technically brillant tune but the eerie vocal over that reese sends a shiver up my spine every time, so uplifting,




ohh i kn what u mean with that feeling, i also get it, listing to that great tune...


*listing to it right now... woot*

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the yearning - great tune - still gotta grab a copy =/


The tunes that got me into dnb (the first i grabbed off napster) were Photek - First Sequence and Water Margin (Doc Scott Remix). Started loving the darker tech side of things and from there I just started the random downloading of everything. Then I heard Dubplate - Wots My Code (Total Science Remix) and that just blew my mind completely at the time. Those are the ones that really did it for me personally.


As for Messiah - im waiting for the repress =p

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As for Messiah - im waiting for the repress =p


you can pick it up on the Guerrila Warfare LP now, what id like to know is how the likes of teebee and BSE lengthen out that vocal for so fukin long...have they chopped up the tune in the studio, or are they able to loop it on CDJ's and if so for the second time today I REALLY need a cdj

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well, for my all time personal favourite its a hard one...

one of;



or...congo natty's "JUNGLIST-Understand?!"


and from the loc's, i gotta say NuSteppa was always a fun one to make pizza to when the going got tough behind the counter, cool video too.

i was a huge concord fan early on as well, had my first 'ill at TheBox when they were just launching off, i went to gig at galatos, where they were supporting the shapeshifter return tour, after SS had been in ozzy recording "RealTime".

mean dub plate set from ConcordDawn. And Paradigm played that one too.

what i remember most about that gig was camo nets and ear blasting shot gun snares!

And I won't ever go past Shapeshifters Riddim Wise LP. That got played most mornings before heading up the mountain when i lived at lucky 13 railway row. Kiwi classic.

But, for the tune that switched up the whole game, made us all get krump before we knew what that was, I gotta say Tarantula!

it was pretty popular amongst the listeners of radio zero when it dropped! I used to sneak it onto the playlist like three times a day!!!

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Super Sharp Shooter pulled me in as a grommit...

Local... would go Upbeats - Black Flea or some old school Concord Dawn


Now days I would say my tastes have changed so much that I wouldn't name a fav... but could break it out to favourite vocals.... favorite dance floor smasha... favourite driving choon and so on...

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the shiz that pulled me into this game was dillinja's cybotron album since catalyst mentioned it. Blew my first set of 6x9's to 'i told you how to rock'. massive


local tune: State of Mind - Human Torch


international tune: Stakka & Skynet - Nightlore Remix


forthcoming tune: Phace, Bulletproof & Teknik - Hypersleep




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yeah, if it wasn't it for the 'torque lp', who knows what would've happened ..


as for individual tunes.. bulletproof - the klink, and some tunes off the first concord dawn album will always touch me in special places


but if this is about THE best tune of all time.. it would prob have to be 'silverblade' or 'the angels fell'


but the record that never leaves my crate is 'camouflage/ black cell' so that'd prob have to be up there as well


fuck, i suck at this thread


*kills self*

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and yeah, cybotron lp, fully


fuck yeah..


and actually.. my fav tunes of all time are probably:


Klute - hell hath no fury




Unknown Error - Hellraiser


fucking love those tunes.


gahh, i keep changing my mind and thinkin of new awesome tunes..


too many to list!


DNB just fucking rocks!

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Klute - Hell Hath No Fury - definantly up there.


Klute - Acid Rain - another tune i keep in the crate.


D Kay - Its On The Way - just got repressed you lucky fuckers


D-Bridge & Maldini - True Romance - Epic Intro

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